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> While the definition and discussion of "(un)productivity"
> are 
> fascinating, what about a simpler question:
> How many editors are active?
> A major issue is to decide on a time frame. Do we mean
> activity within 1 
> hour? 1 day? 1 week? 1 month?
> Or those with appropriate capabilities could just run a
> database dump 
> analysis for historical patterns (I am sure it was done in
> the past, but 
> the advantage of a real time monitoring tool versus results
> in published 
> work (usually older than a year) should be pretty
> obvious).
> Some results from the time I run this tool in July are
> reported here
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:EDITORS#Demographics
> But it would be nice to have better numbers.

My apologies for self-promotion.

On my dissertation you can find a survival analysis for the top 10 language 
versions answering that question with a formal statistical approach.


For updated numbers, we are waiting to publish new work but, in the mean time, 
suffice to say that all Wikipedias are losing contributors rapidly. For 
example, EN Wikipedia is losing "active editors" at a rate of about 15.000 
contributors per month (I presented the graphs on the last WikiSym for the 
first time).

All the same, in my opinion these are 2 very different questions. This one has 
to do with community size and editorial effort. Joseph's question is related to 
the "acceptance" of contributions.

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