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We’re preparing for the September 2016 research newsletter and looking for 
contributors. Please take a look at: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/WRN201609 
and add your name next to any paper you are interested in covering. The 
publication schedule is a bit mixed up currently - there is a chance we will 
already need to get out this issue in the next few days; but if you prefer to 
take more time, feel free to mark your contribution for the subsequent October 
issue instead, which should come out toward the end of this month. As usual, 
short notes and one-paragraph reviews are most welcome.

Highlights from this month:
• 5000 people on Brexit & US Elections
• A Smooth Transition to Modern mathoid-based Math Rendering in Wikipedia with 
Automatic Visual Regression Testing
• Answering End-User Questions, Queries and Searches on Wikipedia and its 
• Automated News Suggestions for Populating Wikipedia Entity Page
• Content Disputes in Wikipedia Reflect Geopolitical Instability
• Creating Causal Embeddings for Question Answering with Minimal Supervision
• Cultural Differences in the Understanding of History on Wikipedia
• Examining potential mechanisms underlying the Wikipedia gender gap through a 
collaborative editing task
• Expanding Wikidata's Parenthood Information by 178%, or How To Mine Relation 
• Exploration on the Use of WDQS: Breakdown by Geography, User Agent and 
Referer Class
• Finding News Citations For Wikipedia
• Gender gap on Wikipedia: visible in all categories?
• How do students trust Wikipedia? An examination across genders
• Incorporating Relation Paths in Neural Relation Extraction
• Memory Remains: Understanding Collective Memory in the Digital Age
• Once You Step Over the First Line, You Become Sensitized to the Next: Towards 
a Gateway Theory of Online Participation
• Privacy, Anonymity, and Perceived Risk in Open Collaboration: A Study of Tor 
Users and Wikipedians
• Quality and Importance of Wikipedia Articles in Different Languages
• Using Semantic Web Technologies for Explaining and Predicting Abnormal 
• Veni, Vidi, Vicipaedia: Using the Latin Wikipedia in an Advanced Latin 
• WikInfoboxer: A Tool to Create Wikipedia Infoboxes Using Dbpedia
• Wikipedia and participatory culture: Why fans edit
• Writing for Wikipedia in the classroom: challenging official knowledge (a 
case study in 12th grade)

If you have any question about the format or process feel free to get in touch 

Masssly, Tilman Bayer and Dario Taraborelli

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