Dear Wiki users,

The topics for this week:

  *   Still looking for testers
  *   My First Version 5.10.5 tips
  *   Friday's Humour

I have one tester from the user community so far. I really will like some more 
(if possible). As a tester you will mainly check that old functionality in your 
Space  is still working fine and as optional the new functionality too. I will 
be providing a tailored user  testing plan (depending of the Space that you 
will be testing on). Let me tell you that I am having fun with the testing 
myself so just email me to be part of the fun ;-)

Below my firsts tips based on my own  testing experience:

*         You currently can provide feedback over specific text in wiki page 
although will appear in the comments below. In version 5.10.5 , you will be 
able to provide inline comments with v5.10.5 for pages and files. A short 
Atlassian video<> (~ 1 min) showing 
how. Have a go in wikitest<> and let me know :)

*         In version 5.10.5 (as Space Administrator) you can flag a person 
and/or AD group to only delete pages where they are and or author/creator 
(Called: Delete own)

By the way, I forgot to mention that Wikitest is in the intranet at difference 
of wikiprod so if you are outside of the University network then you will need 
MyVPN<>  to access it

Happy to receive any feedback and/or issue/question related to this new version 
. New letter articles will keep coming now and then based on these feedback 
and/or my own experience until the Production upgrade happens which we have 
planned<> for the  3rd of December so we will 
have plenty of time to test it and get familiar.

FRIDAY'S HUMOUR: How to spot a tester in a Supermarket?

I will be on leave tomorrow. Have all a great weekend!

Confluence (Wiki)  global administrator

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