Dear Wiki user

The topics for this edition:

  *   Wiki upgrade tomorrow Saturday between 1pm-5pm (reminder)
  *   Happy Holidays Blog

Our Wiki will be unavailable tomorrow Saturday between 1pm-5pm due to be 
upgraded (See plan here<>)

Feel free to try this version  in wikitest<> 
(just be aware that the data is at least a month old)
A recap of my favourites new features are:

*         You can create a blank page in one click by pressing the "Create" 
button  . Press ... if you will be using a template (For spaces that are not 

*         The Roadmap Planner Macro  is now native part of Confluence and it is 
also slightly  improved. Lanes differentiate teams, products or stages, markers 
highlight milestones an important dates, and bars indicate phases of work and 
provide links to more information (See 

  *   Now you can control the width of a table by Dragging and resizing it. See 
  *   Try the new filters in a search results at the bottom after doing a quick 
search. See Doco<>
  *   You currently can provide feedback over specific text in wiki page 
although will appear in the comments below. In version 5.10.5 , you will be 
able to provide inline comments with v5.10.5 for pages and files. A short 
Atlassian video<> (~ 1 min) showing 
  *   In version 5.10.5 (as Space Administrator) you can flag a person and/or 
AD group to only delete pages where they are and or author/creator (Called: 
Delete own)

Also this new Confluence version  sits in better Windows server and Java 
versions so when we upgrade our Production instance , it will also mean to 
upgrade the Microsoft server and Java software. Thus, we will be in a more 
updated all around platform :)

Until next time !
Confluence (Wiki)  global administrator

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