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-sandy is an ncurses text editor with an easy-to-read, hackable C source. Sandy 
tries to maximize screen estate, minimize the SLOC used and not get in your way 
too much. It can somehow be controlled using a named pipe that lives in /tmp 
and all preferences and keybindings are to be chosen at compile time.
-Features / Non-features
-* Unlimited undo
-* Regex search
-* Simple, almost modeless keybindings
-* Selection-based operation
-* Very simple commands read from a named pipe
-* Very basic, regex-based syntax colouring
-* Xterm-like mouse support
-* X11 integration is achieved through external tools such as 
[xsel]( and 
-* Lacks many text processing facilities that can be easily achieved by piping 
text through an external command
-You can [browse](// the source code repository or get a 
copy with the following command:
-        git clone

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