--- Comment #11 from Chris Koerner <> ---
I've followed the troubleshooting guide and I'm still having issues connecting
to a https-only host.

From the server I can run the following with success:


I opened port 81 to allow for http access to the api endpoint.

However I cannot seem to connect to Parsoid, the app in question. 

curl returns the human-readable landing page for the
Parsoid web service.


returns no message via the command line.

I can start Parsoid via node server.js

I can launch VisualEditor and edit a page normally, everything works.

server.js spits out the following:

starting parsing of localhost:Introduction
completed parsing of localhost:Introduction in 1660 ms

As soon as I go to save an edit, a small note appears under the Summary box.

Error: Unknown error.

server.js reports nothing

While Parsoid is running (node server.js) and I attempt the following


I see the message:

starting parsing of localhost:Introduction
redirected localhost:Introduction to revision 62067

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