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> Desktop doesn't allow you to save a revision

In Desktop you can open any revision, click "Edit" or "Edit source", and
directly save changes. All you get in the way is a warning message:

"Warning: You are editing an out-of-date revision of this page. If you save it,
any changes made since this revision will be lost."

When it comes to deal with vandalism, many times it is not possible to simply
"undo". The way for regular editors to solve this is to go to the last valid
revision and save it.

> imagine loading up the first revision of a page and saving that!

If this is wrong, probably a human or a bot will act on it with a simple

I'm only saying that the desktop behavior could be simply replicated in mobile.
If you are concerned about extra vandalism caused by this feature, an option
could be to start trying with e.g. autoconfirmed users, which are the ones that
tend to fix this kind of messes.

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