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> I confess not knowing anything about self-merges. Are they still code
> contributions? Then they should be counted in our metrics about code
> contributions.
> About the "time to respond" metrics ok, if they are instant merges they are
> deforming the picture and we need to address this. Questions:

Which are "instant merges"? self-merges? We should check it.

> Won't be they be discarded (or minimized) by the calculation of the median,
> instead of plain average?

The median is better in any case for time to review. We should change to it.

> If they still distort data when calculating the median, I guess be can just
> remove all self-merges automatically. Are they marked in the database as
> such?

I think we can just check that the submitter and the +2 reviewer is the same

> Otherwise I guess we rely on other facts, like they are only reviewed by
> Jenkins, or they are resolved in less than x seconds (?).

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