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Please provide steps to reproduce this as I did verify (and have again, just
now) that it works (both general exception, and from db connection errors).

By changing LocalSettings to trigger a connection error, from:

> $wgDBtype = 'mysql';
> $wgDBserver = 'localhost';
> $wgDBpassword = '*******';


> $wgDBtype = 'mysql';
> $wgDBserver = 'localhost';
> $wgDBpassword = '*******blabla';

By default the message framework should be working fine (just db error), the
message blob is used and the following is rendered:

<title>Internal error - alpha.Wiki</title>

When mimicking a broader error (i18n issue and $wgSitename issue), by:

* Changing MWException::getPageTitle to use inexistent message keys, like
'pagetitle-bla' and 'internalerror-bla'.
* Changing MWException::getPageTitle to use a different fallback to make it
easier to detect (in case was cached or not saved correctly). Like 'Test error'
instead of 'Internal error')
* Removing variables like $wgSitename from LocalSettings.

... then the inline fallback is used and DefaultSettings apply, and the
following is rendered:

<title>Test error - MediaWiki</title>

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