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> QA uses Ruby for browser tests because the tools available (Cucumber, RSpec,
> Selenium+watir-webdriver) are the best available for browser testing. 
> Ruby was a great choice for browser testing.  
> I think Ruby is a good choice for testing in general.  If we were to use it
> for
> API testing it would be convenient to manage the tests along with the browser
> tests in git/gerrit and in Jenkins.

I think it would be a good idea to stay consistent language-wise with what we
are already doing.


Keep in mind there are several code paths here. Chunked upload may be used on
larger files (I'm not sure what the cut off is. Possibly around 5 mb). On the
backend, the code path for chunked upload is quite a bit different from the
normal upload, so both should probably be tested. Also I'm not sure where this
test is going to be conducted, but the code path on Wikimedia (with async job
queue based chunked upload) is a little different from mediawiki's default
(which has $wgEnableAsyncUploads = false) , so that should be kept in mind when
setting up the test.

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