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S, as a first step we need a way to deploy kss on the Jenkins slave.

It seems that is a nodejs application so I guess we want to use our own
repository that would provide kss and ALL the required modules.  We did such a
thing to provide ruby bundler (integration/bundler.git) and phpunit

Could you take care of having an integration/kss.git repository created and
upload there the kss + its npm modules ?

Once done, register that repository in git-deploy configuration. That is done
in operations/puppet.git under manifests/role/deployment.pp.  The deployment
would then be done from tin.eqiad.wmnet.

Then, we need a shell script wrapper that would execute the script (deployed
somewhere under /srv/deployment/integration/kss ).
document root is under /srv/org/wikimedia/doc/  the following sub directories
are usually: <project-name> / <branch> / <doc component>.  Example:


So I guess you would want to have kss generate the doc to 

Once done, we need a new job-template in Jenkins Job Builder configuration,
apply it to mediawiki/core project.  The job will need to be added in Zuul
configuration (integration/zuul-config.git) in the postmerge pipeline.

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