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Reflows and repaints are a minor issue. Detaching the entityView's node while
initializing the entity view does not result in any significant performance
improvement. There might be a little confusion about the log/chart posted in
bug 58106. One major part of the 81.82% is spent before the entityViewInit's
document ready event handler is even processed. The remaining idle time is
spent after JavaScript initialization has finished (see flame chart).
Profiling current Q212, it takes about 1/3 of the overall loading time until
entityViewInit's event handler is processed (on my machine). As to the flame
chart in bug 58106, this would be at about 86 seconds with those 86 seconds
being idle time nearly completely. That time contains some considerable amout
of waiting for back-end responses. Beginning with 124 seconds, JavaScript
initialization is finished followed by 2.4 minutes of idle time.

The major problem is, as pointed out, the sheer number of JavaScript code
executed. Tons of jQuery widgets are initialized as soon as the page is loaded.
A solution would be to defer initializing most of those widgets until they are
actually needed. This would require a proper non-JavaScript page the "minimal"
JavaScript could be initialized on. However, in order to achieve that,
formatters need to be implemented properly in the back-end first. Currently,
the front-end formatters for Time and GlobeCoordinate are more sophisticated
than the ones in the back-end.

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