--- Comment #6 from Jon <> ---
Please reconsider or at least rethink the problem as there is a real problem
here in my opinion.

From my perspective:
1) People should not be expected to know from which extension beta features
come from so in the current scenario various bugs will be filed incorrectly.
2) Beta features don't always plan to graduate to stable so are lower priority
then the extensions that house them. For example - nearby pages is part of
The purpose of the experiment was to explore whether such a feature was useful
in desktop. If it is, it will need MediaWiki UI and a massive rewrite before
being pushed to desktop.

Now I am seeing a flood of bugs filed under mobile from problems experienced in
the Beta Features environment field. These tend to not be helpful as I'm aware
the code has issues when run in desktop.

I would like some way of keeping these bugs separate from what I see as real
bugs. I am very close to wanting to kill this beta feature because of this
noise as I feel the bugs are intruding on the mobile teams core work which
would be a huge shame. Please dont make me do this...

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