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            Bug ID: 58667
           Summary: VisualEditor:Adding a heading after hiero includes the
                    hiero within the heading showing inconsistent heading
                    format on Read mode
           Product: VisualEditor
           Version: unspecified
          Hardware: All
                OS: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: Unprioritized
         Component: Editing Tools
    Classification: Unclassified
   Mobile Platform: ---

Steps to reproduce:

1.Open the editor
2.Add a Hieroglyphic
3.When the cursor moves to the next line , add a heading and save the page

Observed Result:
The heading bar appears above the hiero where as the section edit options
appear where the text of heading appears.The text styling for the heading
changes to paragraph format.

The wikitext resulting from these actions is:
== <hiero>A
</hiero>heading following hiero ==

Found in:
Test Environment: betalabs
Browser: Chrome Version 26.0.1410.65 
OS: MAC OS X 10. 8. 5

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