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quotewiki has no tables in it, so it was probably renamed to enwikiquote by
running RENAME TABLE on all of its tables, but then the DROP DATABASE was not

Other similar wikis, probably with similar histories:
* minnanwiki has only an archive table, with zero rows
* demowikinews has only a searchindex table
* wikimaniawiki has no tables

There was a period in our history when anyone could create a wiki in any
approved language in any of the approved sites, unauthenticated, by going to
the URL and clicking the "create wiki" button which appeared on the "missing
wiki" error page. I set up this system. It is possible that dkwiki, zh_cnwiki
and zh_twwiki were accidentally created by this system, despite wikis already
existing in the relevant languages. Any pages in those wikis would have been
copied to the correct language codes, and then the wikis removed from

Wiki deletion has generally been done by removal from all.dblist, so that if
the requester changes their mind for some reason, or if valuable data is in the
wiki and needs to be recovered, the "deletion" can easily be reversed. The
deleted.dblist file was set up by me as a way of documenting these deletions,
but it has not been consistently maintained. It is not used by the code. So
many of the wikis you list can just be added to deleted.dblist, specifically:
dkwiki, zh_cnwiki, zh_twwiki, comcomwiki, langcomwiki, noboardwiki,
rel13testwiki, sep11wiki.

Note that rel13testwiki appears to be a test wiki for MediaWiki 1.3, not
MediaWiki 1.13.

wikidatawiki_old is large and recently created, I don't know where it comes

The wikimania database is not MediaWiki. Judging by the timestamps in the
registration table, it was created for Wikimania 2005.

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