--- Comment #12 from Tisza Gergő <> ---
(In reply to comment #10)
> I do not think tests that create data entries should be run on the real wiki.

That step is not really functional anyway; even if the upload was not
successful, the test will succeed, because the image hasn't been removed after
the previous test. Also, automated tests tend to break things in unexpected
ways, because they do stuff many more times than real users would. (For
example, not sure if we are prepared to handle images which have tens of
thousands of versions because an automated test uploads a new one every few
minutes. Deleting pages with very high revision counts used to have
catastrophic results, it is probably possible to trigger something similar with
images as well.)

Given the subtle differences between live and beta, running the full smoke test
on live would be useful... but the costs probably outweigh the benefits.

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