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> > > I know this is right for English, but maybe/probably not other languages.
> > 
> > This is right for French: apostrophes in this language are basically the
> > elision of a vowel and a space.
> The new search has a special filter to handle French's elision.  Here it is: 
> analysis-elision-tokenfilter.html
> .  I'll crack open the code and see what it does when I start work on this
> bug.

This new filter seems great. (Your link doesn’t mention “d’” as a stop word, it
will be worth the check when you hack the code.)
I’ve done some search tests on frwikisource and it appears that:

— apostrophes “'” and “’” are indeed interchangeable in the new Elasticsearch:
priority is given to the apostrophe typed in the search box, but the other one
is returned as well (e.g. the search “l'art d'avoir raison stratagème” first
returns a redirection page, but also every occurrence of “L’Art d’avoir
toujours raison”); although I don’t think that it’s due to the elision token
filter: the search “Morestal lorsqu'il” returns the same result as “Morestal
lorsqu’il”, even if “lorsqu” is not in this filter;

— despite this filter, apostrophes in french stop words don’t seem to break
words either: the search “avoir toujours raison” doesn’t return “L’Art d’avoir
toujours raison”, and the input “art d’avoir toujours raison” returns it but
“Art” in the search result is not bolded.

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