--- Comment #28 from Chris McMahon <> ---

I figured out what's going on here, and I created a workaround in the Mobile
browser tests for it.  Here is some more information: 

We have four tests that use the Barack_Obama page.  

The first test to hit the Barack_Obama page (or any number of other pages in
beta labs I assume) gets a 503 error. 

After that, the Barack_Obama page is in the Varnish cache, so the next three
tests to load the page succeed without error.  

At some point after the Mobile browser test build finishes, the version of the
page in Varnish expires, so the next browser test build encounters the 503

The workaround is to have the test load the page while disregarding any error,
then load the page again for real.  It is not a significant performance hit to
do this: 

Given /^I am on the (.+) article$/ do |article|
    # put the page into the Varnish cache, avoid 503 errors
    visit(ArticlePage, :using_params => {:article_name => article})
  visit(ArticlePage, :using_params => {:article_name => article})

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