--- Comment #5 from Derk-Jan Hartman <> ---
ok, this is 'crazy' i'm sure, but it's the only thing i could come up with.

Make noindex add the *.domainname into the page_props of the article db row.
Have noindex add this value into the html structure of the page, non visible
but with an id.

DB gets dumped.
DB gets imported

Different host + mediawiki + dump, leads to rendering of same
domain name into the html structure.

JS in mediawiki core checks pages for presence of the hidden noindex element.
Finds it doesn't match what it expects, JS blanks the page.

For scraped content, the only thing I can come up with, is to have this noindex
element somewhere smack in the middle of the content (still hidden of course)
and have it contain the blanking script fully inline and then hope they scrape
the html dom instead of the text content and hope they are stupid enough to not
filter out scripts :D

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