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> When trying to use the edit count feature on Wikimedia Commons (for example,
> this URL for my account:
> php?name=Peteforsyth&lang=commons&wiki=wikimedia
> ) one gets no meaningful results, but a page full of error messages, like
> this:
> Notice: Undefined offset: 490 in /data/project/xtools/Graph.php on line 189
> (followed by identical statements about different offset and line numbers).
> This problem happened a few months ago, and was fixed; if I recall correctly,
> it had something to do with a new namespace being added on Commons. Is it
> possible to update the edit count tool so that it's not so sensitive to name
> space changes?

Unfortunately no.  Everytime a namespace is added, the edit counter will break
because it is missing data for that namespace.  What's missing is usually a
color definition to assign the namespace to for graphing purposes.  I'll have
it fixed in just a few minutes.

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