--- Comment #8 from Marc A. Pelletier <> ---
Part of the difficulty is that there is a combinatorial explosion of starting
environments depending on more factors than you can shake a stick at (given the
gridengine's propensity to try to "guess" at what you're trying to do, and to
(silently) add a shell anytime it thinks you need to evaluate shell arguments).

The best rule of thumb is "if you need something specific in your environment,
set it explicitly".  I would recommend that one /always/ uses a shell wrapper
that sets the environment; a simple generic one might be:

#! /bin/bash

export STUFF_I_NEED="foobar"
export PATH="/all:/the/places"
exec "$@"

This will set the STUFF_I_NEED then exec to the program given as argument
without needlessly keeping a subshell around.  That same script can then be
reliably used to launch everything in a reliable way.

I *could* make a globally available script that relies on sourcing, say,

#! /bin/bash

. ~/.bashrc
exec "$@"

Which everyone could then use.  I could even have it invoked implicitly by jsub
at need.

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