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On Wed, 16 Jan 2008 11:23:14, Purodha Blissenbach
<> wrote:
> This was a major task.  I support it, only suggesting to maybe think
> about naming, rather than numbering, the messages: - there should be
> an easy way to determine that a message is, or messages are,  not
> being used any more. - there should be an easy way to find out,
> where messages are being used (grep for a name is usually better
> than grep for a number)  I suggest to make the user-config variable
> mylang a list: mylang='de', ''fr', 'it',  e.g. would return German
> (de) unless a message was not translated, else it would try Francais
> (fr), else Italiano (it) and if all else fails use English by
> default.  I can add translations to de, ksh (native), nds (at least
> parts)  Should not this be treated on the pywikipediabot feature
> request bug tracker at

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