--- Comment #5 from Stmrlbs <>  2010-01-17 20:05:48 UTC ---
I had in mind an option in Preferences that would look like this:
(*) Template Test Mode - from (specify template test area):

When the software came across a template "aaaaa", if a user had this option
turned on, for this user, the software would first check if
[[User:Stmrlbs/xxx/aaaaa]] existed, and use this for the template.  If
[[User:Stmrlbs/xxx/aaaaa]] did not exist, then the wikipedia software would
then use [[Template:aaaaa]]

This would facilitate the testing of heavily used templates, because a group
project could create a group of pages calling the heavily used template in many
various ways, and call up those pages with this option turned on to test a new
template, without needing to dummy up examples. 

It would also facilitate testing changes to inner templates, because a user
would no longer need to dummy up an outer template to call the modified inner


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