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> It is pointless and expensive, and can be done in a line or two of PHP or
> perl;
> and probably no more in pretty much any other language.  Do you not realize
> that the query above causes an index lookup and row fetch in the database for
> every single page?

Those are two claims I'd like to see evidence for :-).  I don't like MySQL (or
MariaDB) very much, but any query planner worth its salt will cache the
namespacename table heavily.

> Indeed, given that query, you more than triple the resources required to run
> the query, as well as increase the size of the result set by sending
> redundant
> data at every row.
> [...]

If we are counting bytes, we should close down Tools *now*.

Most of the queries run on Toolserver/Tools are ineffective, and that fits
nicely with MediaWiki being written in PHP.

If it is your professional opinion that with the current setup we need more
database servers or bigger network cables to implement toolserver.namespace &
Co., that's totally fine, but the solution then isn't WONTFIX, but take it up
the chain to the one who signs an order for new equipment.

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