--- Comment #6 from Oliver Moran <>  2010-01-17 21:35:25 UTC ---
Referring to on-wiki templates is one way. Using actual ('real-life') standards
e.g. APA, Harvard, etc. is another. Or a combination mix of both.

These could either be set by default (per installation) or specified
(optionally probably), possibly in the <reference> tag e.g.:

<references style="harvard">
<ref ... />

(...or have this choice over-rided by user preferences, as was suggested by
another user in that discussion e.g. user wants to see references displayed in
APA style only.)

If it was to be taken in to Cite, I think the "real-life standards" would be
the best place to start as it would give the greatest gains over templates and
would be the most immediately usable by all MW installations.

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