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> This is not a pywikibot issue, but an issue with your code - as I have
> explained before. Filenames should *never* be unicode strings -- always byte
> strings. It's just luck (or rather: a combination of factors that happens to
> be
> just right) that it works in the shell.

As explained I am always very confused by this unicode vs. bytecode stuff - I
know the details - I am just mixing it up all the time... so please be patient
with me.

I did correct all those errors and issues within my scripts once and thus was
not aware (and even more confused) that there are still bugs.

Since you make the impression to be "the expert" on such string issues I am
desperately needed your help and might will need it again in future.

I was e.g. enormously confused by the fact that unicode (strings?) do also need
an internal representation in python and I always assumed this has to be UTF
(8, 16 or 32) thus I was mixing UTF and unicode conceptually. Now I learned
about UCS [1] and should have sorted it out:

-(byte)string (ASCII, UTF or else)
-unicode (internally UCS)

encode: unicode -> bytestring
decode: bytestring -> unicode


Please correct me if I did say something wrong (again ;) ...

btw.: using 'UTF' locale on tool labs grid engine would not be the correct
solution, but it would have helped and not do any harm anyway so I don't see
the with that problem there... but this is not an issue anymore... ;)


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