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This bug has got quite confusing. Let me see if I can untangle it:

* People want a safe permanent URL that 
** Points to a specific wiki page (by page ID/curid), not a revision (oldid)
   à la Special:PermanentLink nor a page title à la [[mw:Extension:ShortUrl]]
** Contains no non-ASCII characters.
** Is relatively short.
** Is discoverable for those who need it (having it displayed on action=info
   might be enough).

In my view, index.php?curid=<page ID> has always worked for this, although it
is not particularly short, some may dislike the query string syntax, and
discoverability is poor (especially because the parameter is so badly named -
bug 27087).

And now, per bug 58727, we can use Special:Redirect/page/<page ID>, which is
nothing more than an alias for curid. It fits the bill a little better,
although I guess if you want a really short URL, you could set up a rewrite on
your server.

Please tell me if I got it wrong.

Nemo and gangleri, if you could clarify what you will want to see before this
bug can be marked FIXED, it would be very helpful, so we can focus the progress
here :)

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