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> I just had a look at the discussion on the water cooler; I think it's a good
> idea to use Liberation Sans, /but/ with keeping the blur (shadow). 
> I can create a blueprint or write detailed instructions on how to create the
> blur/shadow if necessary, and post them on Meta or Commons (or
> for that matter).

Yes, please.

> Wikiquote logos are too complicated, in my opinion, for GCI students; I think
> it would take them more than the usual 2-3 hours.

GCI tasks are supposed to take 2-3 hours to experienced contributors. Many GCI
tasks take more than that to first-timers, and they rduce the time invested as
they learn.

If Wikiquote logos are more complicated then we can have one per task. I would
still give it a try, but you're the boss.  :)

> I'd prefer that we do that by
> ourselves; we could use WhatTheFont or even start a new contest to create a
> new, i18 and l10n-friendly, SVG-based, freely-licenced logo.

That too, but it can take months, or more than that, to reach to that point.

Also, we really need more GCI tasks. There is no problem in encouraging
students to learn to trace images out of rasterized ones. Reviewing the results
is relatively simple (they look alike or they don't), and I can help.

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