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--- Comment #7 from David Göthberg <>  2010-01-19 08:20:19 UTC 
This is not a bug, it is a useful feature.

1: Just returning an empty string means that things will look different when
reading a page and in edit preview, which will be confusing and means we can't
test our page code in edit preview but have to save to see the result.

2: Returning the last editor of the page would be "correct".

But the current behaviour of returning the current username when a user is edit
previewing a page is useful. We already use it in the editnotice system on the
English Wikipedia to detect when a user is editing his own user and user talk
page. Then we display the link to edit the user's user-space editnotice to the
user himself (and to admins). Other users don't see that link.

And we are now going to use it in the "test-template" on the English Wikipedia.
That is a template that will supply functionality that solves bug 22135. The
curios can read more about that at

So please don't "fix" this, it isn't broken.

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