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@Jon, a few things.

I've created Special:Languages/<pagename> which returns both the languages and
the language variants available for any given page.

As far as the JavaScript overlay, what I've written right now just loads
Special:Languages for the given page and then parses it to get the language
links. This is more efficient and allows us to remove all of the
getPageLanguages JavaScript stuff... who isn't for removing code? ;)

But now for a question. Right now I've implemented all of this stuff directly
on the stable version...but reflecting on what I've done, would it make more
sense to do it as a beta feature initially (given that a lot of code is being
touched)? I don't know what the procedures are exactly (and how you make that
determination), so please let me know how you'd like me to proceed.

Once you let me know I'll move the code around as necessary and get the initial
patch uploaded. 


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