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> Lego with all due respect please don't reopen bugs. A closed bug doesn't
> necessarily mean the bug will be forgotten and doesn't prevent you from
> providing further arguments on why it should not be closed / writing patches
> and getting it reopened but from my perspective as a core developer of
> MobileFrontend it does come as a nuisance for knowing which bugs need working
> on and which don't.

The bug was closed as "WORKSFORME". According to [[mw:Bug management/Bug report
life cycle]], that means "when the problem can not be reproduced or when
missing information has not been provided". That is clearly not the case here,
which is why I re-opened it.

You can adjust the priority field then, I deliberately left it as
"Unprioritized" to allow people who do the most work in this component to
prioritize it according to what they plan on doing.

> Also, I'm not sure if intended but your tone in the latest bug report comes
> across as aggressive.

It wasn't, my apologies if it did come across that way. I was trying to make
the point that the line of argumentation being used is misguided and incorrect. 

> I'd suggest raising a discussion on the design list for wider discussion as a
> better first step.

Thanks, that sounds like a good idea. I'll send an email in a few minutes.


It would be helpful if you could explain why you included a link to the draft,
I'm pretty well aware of it.

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