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By testing against enwiki:
I see "Vor 2 Tagen" and "Vor 1 Monat", which is now correct. "Vor 1 Tag" and
"Vor 1 Monat" isn't as nice as "Vor einem Tag" and "Vor einem Monat" would be
but I think it's not longer an real bug with AFT.

What still makes me wonder: Why does this not display "yesterday" (instead of
"1 day ago") or "monday at" as suggested it would happen in the current code of
getHumanTimestamp() of MW and why is the "Vor" in i.e. "Vor 1 Tag" starts
uppercase, not lowercase? I don't see where this could come from.

I'm sure there was a time where the above was displayed correct (I just found
an old local mw-installation where it displays "yesterday", based on git
checkout of mw and aft around 1.22alpha).

So basically it's mostly resolved fixed, but there's probably still an issue in
the way AFT calls getHumanTimestamp() or in getHumanTimestamp() itself, but in
this should be catched by the testcase of timestamp-class as far as I
understand all this. -> I have no clue why it is not like it should be.

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