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> As far as I see, brwikimedia has almost exactly the same settings for the
> Translate extensions as metawiki, with the possible exception that local
> brwikimedia administrators cannot add themselves to the translationadmin user
> group (as in the case on metawiki).

Just realized that my bug description was ambiguous due to not double checking
the├ęgios_de_grupos page.
The request should be read as "allow sysop users to grant translationadmin
rights to users" (tried it now on myself, random autoconfirmed user and random
sysop user and in all I'm able to grant only IP block exempt rights)

(In reply to comment #4)
> "Very long delay": Somebody needs to write a patch (but nobody is obliged).
> It should be pretty similar to
> in case you'd like to
> give it a try.
> See for more information.

Thanks for point it out. Last time that I've made a shell bug report (years
ago, I was fully inactive on Wikimedia) it was get consensus+submit bug+wait
someone implement it. The possibility to send a patch with config changes
within the request itself is very interesting. Next time I will try that
approach instead of only partially checking the needed changes and causing any
ambiguously requests

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