--- Comment #15 from Thomas David Baker <> ---
There was a UX review of this bug done by Jared Zimmerman
<>. He said:

"You have great timing, we're currently working on a project to clean up forms
throughout mediawiki. While the designs are still in-progress I'll share with
your our ideas thus far about required fields.

In many places where complex forms exist there are more required fields than
optional ones, so the pattern that we're using is that the primary action
button is in a disabled state until all required fields are filled, and
optional fields have helper text displaying that they are optional.

Additionally for some forms we're using in-line validation to help users
confirm that the text entered conforms to the formats or content needed. 

We are not however using the form validation simply as a "you've completed this
step" indicator, as it could get very noisy very quickly.

Zero state

Partially filled and validated

error state

In most cases not allowing the user to attempt to submit forms with missing
information will keep them from ever getting into the form error state from the
bug your working on."

This was in June 2013. So it seems that this patch is unwanted as it shores up
what is fundamentally undesirable behavior. I'm afraid I haven't done any work
on a better version as described above.

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