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            Bug ID: 58971
           Summary: Add a action=render "text" parameter
           Product: MediaWiki
           Version: unspecified
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            Status: NEW
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         Component: General/Unknown
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I would really like to see a way for external sites to include a subset of
content from wiki pages (such as a Wikisource book) without the need for API
scripting (e.g., via iframe inclusion) and without the need to first create a
page on the wiki to make the exact request (everything would be sent through
the URL).

action=render does a fine job (esp. if bug 19415 can be fixed), but it doesn't
support grabbing individual sections, including those of the Labeled Section
Transclusion extension variety.

Despite what is said for Bug 9711, there are plenty of cases where one does not
wish to break up a file into segments when one does not wish the hassle of
doing so and wishes to allow users within the site or external to it to have
full control of the amount they wish to see at once, whether small or large in

My particular use case is allowing people to include paragraph ranges of Baha'i
Scriptures from a site I work with (which will be using Flagged Revisions to
ensure the content is more reliable on a moment-to-moment basis) without the
external sites needing to first create a page which to do the desired (possibly
one-off) section transclusion.

My initial thought for an approach was to allow templates to have access to a
Magic Word which could grab the query string (so that templates could parse
this, say with Scribunto/Lua, into parameter values which could be used in
place of {{{1}}} or {{{named|}}} template arguments), but then I realized an
even more powerful and general purpose utility (which worked for including
templates or external sites) would be to let action=render be made to work with
a "text" parameter in a similar to the action=parse "text" parameter.

One could simply build one's own template in the URL, supplying the desired
parameters to a template or just directly execute a parser function like the
Labeled Section Transclusion extension's calling for section inclusion.

I think it would be wonderful to expose the dynamic power of wikitext as seen
in templates and parser functions to external sites, especially since XSS risks
or such ought not be an issue here given that any arbitrary text is still
getting parsed as though it were any other saved page.

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