--- Comment #4 from Jeff Hall <> ---
I modified a single page file in this WIP Gerrit commit:

With this modification, when either the "aftv5.feature" or "page_edit.feature"
tests are run, the "aftv5_page.rb" script calls a Python script (which in turn
calls the Mediawiki API) and creates a new, randomly-named page via that API
call.  Each test step from the feature file is then run against that
newly-created page.

Note: The Python script does assume that the environment variable API_URL has
been defined, so it knows what environment to run against.

A few items we'll want to consider:

1) Python was chosen for the API client calls due to previous API test work
done by Aaron Aarcos in Python, but we could almost certainly do the same thing
from Ruby (or another language) if there are objections to Python.

2) Per a conversation with Chris, if this initial approach seems fine, then we
should also write a script to create a new user login via the API, and modify
tests so that they use both the newly-ceated user account and the newly-created
wiki article when they run.

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