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I'm working on a prototype that implements the "new table" option. I got away
from the "archive" terminology altogether and named the new table

If we keep revision.rev_page the same when the page is deleted and then
undeleted, that works fine, as long as *all* the revisions are undeleted.
However, suppose we only want to undelete one of the revisions for page 1. That
won't work because as soon as we delete the deleted_page row for page 1, and
add the page row for page 1, then all the revisions with rev_page 1 will be
restored. MediaWiki won't be able to tell them apart (although it would work if
page 1 were deleted, then recreated as page 2, and then some of the revisions
from the still-deleted page 1 were restored into page 2, because then rev_page
on the still-deleted revisions would still be 1, and there would still be a
page_deleted row for page 1.)

There needs to be some way of differentiating deleted revisions from undeleted
revisions with the same rev_page. Should revision.rev_deleted be set to 7 for
those, or should we have a new constant? E.g., should we set const DELETED_PAGE
= 16; in Revision.php and use that to indicate that the whole page was deleted
and only some deletions were restored?

Setting rev_deleted to 7 seems more aligned with the goals of backward
compatibility and merging the deletion and revisiondeletion systems.

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