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Let me explain some more:

> * linking other subdomains of the same domain is a valid usecase in general

Of course it is, and this bug won't change that. Non-broken chapter sites will
not be using sidebar interlanguage links, since they are the wrong way to
interlink chapter sites. The correct approach would be sidebar interproject
links (bug 708), but since they don't yet exist, inline links are the next best

> * you didn't mention any actual problem you're solving 

I'm being proactive here. I read the rationale for WMUK's decision to move away
from their WMF-hosted chapter site, and some of the reasons given were
long-standing bugs that had not been fixed for years. If we want chapter wikis
to hang around in the WMF cluster (it's cheaper for them to do that), then we
should be trying to iron out all the bugs. In particular, there are lots of
things wrong with interwikis on chapter wikis, and this is but one of them.

Hope that helps you to understand this.

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