--- Comment #12 from Jared Zimmerman (WMF) <> ---
I don't like burying things like this in settings, i might need a different
font size from being on the couch at home, to being on the bus, to reading in
bed, to walking down the sidewalk not paying attention to my surroundings.
point is I don't want to go to another screen, i don't want to reload the page,
and i don't want to fiddle with my browsers back buttons. A lot of people
probably don't even know settings exist or why they'd want to go there in the
first place. I don't find the extension to be particularly distracting,
and I think its a great access point for visual settings like background color,
font size, and sharing options, always there, and not really in your way.
Burying in settings is a sure-fire way to have it not used. out of sight, out
of mind.

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