--- Comment #86 from Greg Grossmeier <> ---
(In reply to comment #84)
> Reedy will deploy the config change on Dec 31st (given it
> is New Year's Eve, I can't promise a specific time). See:

Just a quick update: To be safe, the change won't happen until Thursday the 2nd
(the above link is still accurate). This is due to the 1st being a holiday
(thus, not many people with access to fix brokenness will be online). We have a
pretty firm policy of not deploying things on the day before people won't be
working (ie: all Fridays, and days before holidays).

I know this seems straightforward, but we don't want anything odd to happen
with this change.

Thanks for your understanding.

(PS: also, when looking at the [[:wikitech:Deployments]] calendar, be sure to
take note of the UTC/Pacific columns, as the regularly scheduled "Lightning
Deploy" window at 4pm Pacific appears to be on the next day, due to that being
24:00/0:00 UTC. Timezones are fun.)

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