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I wonder if it is a bug, since it behaves exactly as it should ;-) apart the
header message on [[mw:Category:MediaWiki Introduction/kl]] says: "This page is
a translated version of a page and the translation is 0% complete." (NB: one
word is missing: the name of the original page "Category:MediaWiki

The header message tpt-translation-intro is intrepreted as wikitext, so the
"[[Category:MediaWiki Introduction]]" is interpreted as it. If you set up a
translation on an image (File:) you get the image displayed -- by comparison
the translation of Category: pages (quite perfect imho) is a lot nicer than the
translation of File: pages (perhaps even it should be hard-disabled on File:
pages imho, at least for now).

The solution for this bug is then to escape the link with a colon at the start,
following what is done on MediaWiki:Translate-tag-page-desc.

I am about to submit the corresponding Gerrit patch. I have some questions on
it; I comment these on Gerrit since it’s linked to the resolution.

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