--- Comment #10 from Merlijn van Deen <> ---
Andre, the multiple-subcomponents-method looks sane to me. What do you think?

DrTrigon, could you provide:
 1) the names of the subcomponents you want. Am I correct these should be
    * DrTrigonBot - General
    * DrTrigonBot - subster
    * DrTrigonBot - web tool scripts    (should this not be 'DrTrigon - web
tool scripts'?)

 2) Check whether the following JQL queries map to these projects (via )

 General: project = DRTRIGON AND component = "DrTrigonBot - catimages"
 subster: project = DRTRIGON AND component = "DrTrigonBot - subster"
 web tool scripts: project = DRTRIGON AND component = "DrTrigonBot - toolserver

 3) project = DRTRIGON AND component = "DrTrigonBot - pywikipedia"
    should be imported into pywikibot/compat?

 4) For each of these, should closed bugs be imported?

 5)  Under Administration, <your project>, People, add 'Bugzilla Bug Exporter
(valhallasw)' to 'Administrators' and click 'Update'.

Please read the above steps carefully and check for any mistakes I may have

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