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The requiered feature would be very useful for images at Wikimedia Commons. 

An example: we have a category of a town which contains 150 photographs (and
none subcategories). It is very pleasant and easy to see all images from the
town - but difficult to find a photo of any certain place. As soon as somebody
creates a structure of subcategories by street, by building, by subject, by
event etc., it become very easy to find any place but very difficult and
protracted to see and compare all photos. We need a feature which will keep
(enable) advantages of the simple category even when the content is still
precisely structured. 

See also the discussion
. What is better: to sort images of vehicles by fleet number (some categories
can include only 1 or 2 images, some include tens of images) - or to sort
images of trams only by type (by model) - so some categories will contain
hundreds images, a certain vehicle would be unfoundable and a non-expert
uploader would be not able to categorize by type (while the fleet number can
read whatever)? The required feature would enable to view all images of certain
model without destroying the categorization substructure unreversibly. 

If the new feature will be considered, 
- view switch (simple view/deep view) should be at the category page
- a depth should be choosable (number of levels of subcategories)
- the feature can be arranged similarly as filter functions (display all
content/display featured articles-images only/displays stubs only etc.).

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