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> I'll keep on saying it: We want the ability to turn off the AJAX search
> suggestions again. We DON'T want to see what Connor Behan describes where, if
> you want to search for Justin Trudeau, you get OTHER Justins.

If you search for "Justin Trudeau" on the English Wikipedia, you'll reach
<>. If that isn't working, please
file a separate bug report.

If you begin typing in "Justin", you'll be given a list of the most relevant
suggestions for which "Justin"-related page you want (Justin Timberlake,
Justinian I, Justin Bieber). If you type in "Justin Tr", you'll get "Justin
Trudeau" as your first suggestion, it looks like.

If you want to turn off search suggestions, just hide them for your account
(see below).

> Give us the choice again. Thanks!

You already have the choice of hiding any part of the interface that you'd like
to. For example, I personally hide the Wikipedia logo and many of the sidebar
sections and the footer (here's a recent screenshot of my browser:

You can easily hide the search suggestions for your personal account using
custom CSS or JavaScript. If you need help, you can post to [[m:Tech]] (the
global technical village pump) or consult the English Wikipedia's village pump
(linked above).

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