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           What    |Removed                     |Added
                URL|                            |
            Summary|Enable XFN rel=me for links |Enable XFN rel=me for links
                   |on User Profile pages and   |on user page and
                   |rel="author" links on topic |rel="author" links on
                   |articles                    |content pages

--- Comment #16 from Nemo <> ---
(In reply to comment #14)
> Is this still a good idea ? It seems that Google was advocating for this, but
> now itself has gone with something much simpler: See

Does any of the new methods apply here? I see no way the users could get email addresses and ?rel=author links from the page itself.

It seems much cleaner and realistic to 
1) use rel=author from the history (and from the footer for $wgMaxCredits > 0);
2) link the history from each page with rel=author and let indexers figure it
out (cf. comment 4): <link rel="author license" href="/about"> is an example
from an HTML 5 draft ;
3) whitelist rel=me links from user pages in some way (or let some extension
figure this out).

Note that some are using ridiculously complex mixes of extensions to do this:

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