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This behaviour looks like it stretches back to 2005.  I've added Bryan as a CC
on this.

The relevant commit messages are:
commit 435ed6274eb2d7daf8681c3a16ab6883541c59a5
Author: Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <>
Date:   Sat Mar 26 23:30:53 2005 +0000

    * (bug 1398) patch by Thue Janus Kristensen that modifies the behaviour of
      'Go' button, if an IP address is entered the search engine first checks
if an
      article by that name exists, otherwise it goes to the user contributions
      of that search engine ( this would catch ),
      entering a valid username with the current namespace-3 + : prefix will go
      the users page, regardless of whether it contains any text or not.

commit eb0489b5da4ee3a3e1824a1741bdf60fc67bf2a5
Author: Brion Vibber <>
Date:   Sun Mar 27 01:28:03 2005 +0000

    Fix minor issues missed in patch review:
    * Use getDbkey(), not getTitle(), when constructing new titles
    * Don't bother checking for existence of a user page on go; with the
    namespace prefix it's pretty clear what's meant, and the inconsistent
    behavior would be more confusing than illuminating.

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