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> > Just out of curiosity, why would a Chinese project use English names for its
> > namespaces?
> because chinese have variants, and it's unfair to use a certain variant in
> namespace names. and there're some kind of codes to display chinese namespace
> with the variant set in preferences or in the browser.

Couldn't there be aliases to namespaces? It seems possible as english names for
namespaces also work, and redirect to the translated name of the namespace. (I
understand that there are [[translatewiki:]] messages used for names of

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> > Dear all, thanks for your help, but I would like to know how long will it
> > take?
> Some recent ones: 
> bug 46416 (he.voy): 6 days
> bug 46417 (uk.voy): 7 days
> bug 47945 (wikimania2014): 1 day (WOW!)
> bug 48412 (vec.wikt): 3 days
> bug 48413 (el.voy): 3 days
> bug 49328 (tyv.wp): ~2 months (time wasted)
> bug 52034 (vi.voy): 19 days (RESOLVED time)

Normally, submitted bugs for wiki creations are done in groups and devs like to
make them in one motion, normally not one at a time.

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