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> Dumb question: what's the use case for this?
see Reasoning. +Let me give you 3 examples:

User uploads copyright violation. Patroller marks file for deletion. Admin
deletes file. User uploads same file again. Patroller can now sha1lookup
whether a similar file did exist before at
and identify the user(s) who uploaded that file.

Bot coder and bot are not administrators. Bot uploads a batch of very huge
files. But some were previously deleted and should not be uploaded again. Bot
could check SHA1 before uploading to save bandwidth.

File is marked for transfer from en.wikipedia to Commons. Bot/Tool could check
whether this file was previously deleted at Commons and refuse the transfer.

Please let me know if this was convincing enough or whether you would like to
get more feedback from Commons users. Or are you asking for a technical
explanation of SHA1 and that kind of stuff? Sorry, here at bugzilla, it's
always a bit difficult to get it right because I never know to whom I am
talking without googleing.

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