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> Changing language links is maybe not the best example

> Maybe external changes affecting the article could be shown on a separate
> history tab/special page?

Especially when the page is removed from Wikidata item (thus all interwikis and
the original Wikidata link dissappear from the Wikipedia page), the change and
the lost interwikis should be findable through the history of the Wikipedia
page and the lost relation should not disappear without any trace (as long as
the Wikidata page is joined with the Wikipedia page, the history is available
from Wikipedia page through the Wikidata link). 

The Wikidata logs can be filterable at the history page and users to have a
simple swich of the filter (as they really can at the recent changes and

The property changes are relevant to the content of the Wikipedia page but they
can be hardly displayed through "compare revisions" function. This problem is
very similar to the long-time problem that changes of used templates are also
not displayed at the history page and that the old versions are not able to
reconstruct the contemporary content of the templates.

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