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> Also, please do not use spaces in local version of magic words. I've made
> these[1] changes that will be committed tomorrow and should be part of
> MediaWiki 1.23wmf9.
> [1]
> MagicWords%2Fhe&diff=5236283&oldid=5207443

this does not seem right. as far as i could see, the issue here is spaces vs.
underlines, so it's "חשב תנאי" vs. "חשב_תנאי". Siebrand added the variant
"חשבתנאי", which, to the best of my knowledge, is not used anywhere. iiuc, we
should either add back the "חשב תנאי" string (space instead of underline), or
better yet, train the parser to create the "other" space/underline variant
automagically when it encounters a magic word which contains either.


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